Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about VIA Programs


What Programs are offered by VIA?

-       VIA offers multiple programs, suitable for children, teenagers and adults. You can select from programs 7 days in duration to a yearlong program.


What is the cost of these programs?

-       Prices range from $1695 per week to $42250 per year. Please see more details on each program page.


What ages is the program intended for?

-       VIA offers multiple programs, suitable for children, teenagers and adults players. The High School Program is offered to highschoolers only. Please contact us for more information.


What type of accommodation does VIA provide?

-       VIA players will enjoy luxury-safe and chaperoned accommodations in a state of the art villa located in the Belas Clube de Campo community about 30 minutes from the Lisbon Airport in Portugal. The villa offers breathtaking views, hiking/biking trails for outdoor exploration, renowned 18-hole golf course, Tennis Courts, Swimming pools, Gym and more. Please click on the link below for more information.


Who takes care of the players daily?

-       VIA players will supervised by our staff during soccer and non-soccer related activities.


Can I send my child to a sport academy during the school year?

-       We combine academic study with intensive sports training. These programs are designed for children who want to develop their sporting skills to the highest level, while continuing with their academic pursuits.


When does the program start and end?

-       VIA offers multiple programs, the length of the stay can be from 1 week to 1 year (School Year). Please contact us for more details regarding the dates for each program.


What type of coaching will my child receive?

-       VIA has qualified coaches with international experience at professional academy teams and playing experience, who offer a higher level of training.


Is the airfare included in the price?

-       Some programs include the airfare. Please check the Specials page or contact us for more details.


Is the cost of airport transfers included in the price?

-       Yes, airport transfer is included with all programs.


How does the airport transfers service work?

-       A member of VIA staff will be there awaiting you at the airport arrivals. You child will also be accompanied by a staff member on their departure date.


Is a Visa required to participate in your programs?

-       If you have an American Passport, you do not require a Visa for programs up to 90 days. You’ll need a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before your passport expires. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days, we can help you obtain the proper Visa. All non-European Nationals need to check with the Portuguese embassy in their respective country. European Nationals do not require a Visa.


How do I pay and what are the terms of payment?

-       You can pay both the deposit and the balance via credit card. You can also pay via bank transfer. All payments must be completed 30 days before the start of the program.


What is included in the price?

·       1 Polo Shirt

·       1 Training Sweat Suit

·       1 Training Kit Bag

·       Cultural Program

·       Lisbon City Tour

·       Stadium Tour

·       Professional match (if applicable)

·       Museum Visits

·       Professional & Youth Club Visits

·       Academic Program

·       Instructor Led Classes

·       Online Education

·       Academic Tutoring

·       Liaison with Selected Course of Study

·       Football Training

·       On-field Training

·       Personal Diagnostics and Individual Evaluation

·       Video Analysis

·       European Coaching Staff

·       Residence Accommodations

·       Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

·       24-hour Staff Assistance

·       Laundry and Cleaning Service

·       Airport Transfers (arrival and departure)

·       Training Gear

·       2 Training Jerseys

·       2 Pairs of Training Shorts

·       5 Pairs of Training Socks


How do I contact you?

-       Please call or email with any question.

         Email: VIA@VALEOFC.COM

         Tel: 617.899.5636

         Tel: 857.389.2872